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Covid raises in the Amazon

Vaccinators in Peru's Rainforest face many challenges including religion and rivers

In Peru, roughly 55% of the population is fully vaccinated against COVID 19, mostly in the cities, but there are still millions yet to be immunized. The most difficult to reach are in the rainforest of northeastern Peru, right where it pushes up against Brazil where the virus is raging. Many remote villages are spread along the Amazon and its numerous tributaries.

It takes them hours, sometimes days in there peque-peque, a long, narrow wooden boat with a small engine on the back to reach the vaccination places.

But this is not the only problem in getting these villages vaccinated.

And one of the biggest impediments, she says - religious groups that are opposed to vaccines, they believe God will take care of them and by taking the vaccine, they wouldn't be believing in God.

How about this: Maybe God sent the vaccine to help his children? And by not taking it you wouldn't believe in God!

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