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What ever happened to the "Afghan Pepper Company"

What a great and noble idea it was when than Matt Blake in June of 2012 announced the "Afghan Pepper Company"! Afghanistan at this time US controlled, and everyone was hoping for a save and prosper future for this war torn country that is in a state of war constantly since the British War in the early 19th century. The last and most serious thread came from the Taliban which were founded in 1994, and it seemed, with American help, the situation started to get better.

International companies and entrepreneurs started carefully to eye Afghanistan.

At that time Mr. Blake had the vision of the "Afghan Pepper company". The project was to help Afghan farmers to get a way from growing opium poppy and start legal crops of Peppers to produce a hot sauce, which will be processed in Afghanistan and sold around the world.

A great idea which we all at Charapita Farms LLC ( would have welcomed and supported whole heartedly. We grow Peppers, and produce fine Pepper sauces and Hot Sauces, and we would like to know if there is a way to help.

As far we could research, the company secured the initial financing of $25,000 in 2012 but since than we have nothing heard from Mr. Blake, or the company again. In all Social media outlets of the company the last posts were from June 2012 and May 2013.

The whole plan for sure was difficulty, and it must have been not an easy task, but it would be interesting to know, if there is still this project going on, and what will happen next with the Taliban taking over the country?

One thing is for sure, there will no international investment coming to Afghanistan in the near future, and this is only one more sad chapter in the story of Afghanistan.

We were informed about similar efforts to provide help in form of special agricultural financing from the World Bank Group, but now everything is on ice, economic stabilization and normalization of international relationships is farther away than ever.


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