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Wonders of Peru: Silkhenge

Our #AjiCharapita Peppers shares with many, some weird plants and wildlife the Amazon jungle, and they are not always huge.

Over the past decade, scientists have been trying to figure out what is building tiny silk structures in Tambopata, Peru.

Each has a ring of pillars connected by horizontal threads, forming a fence; in the middle is a cone. After collecting and observing numerous specimens, researchers finally started seeing spiders hatch out of the structure in the middle.

Knowing the builders are spiders is enlightening, but scientists still aren’t sure what species they are, because no clear adult owners of the silkhenge structures were observed. No other spider has ever been observed laying only a single egg in an egg sac—in fact, most spiders keep a bundle of eggs on their own webs to protect until they hatch. It is just weird!

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