Aji Charapita  Pepper Sauce "Aged" 1.7oz

This is the pure juice of the rare Aji Charapita same as Pepper Sauze Liquid Gold !  The difference is, that the Aji Charapita peppers are extra long aged in fine white vinegar. It is a little hotter than Liquid Gold and has a less fruity, less citrus taste.  Hot - Spicy  - Delicious.

It is the juice of 120 of the finest Charapita Peppers in each bottle with fine distilled white Vinegar! The liquid form of the most expensive Chili in the world, the "Mother of all Chili's" thats why we called it  "Liqid Gold".
This exclusive pepper sauce is great to season and spice up every dish!

Aji Charapita (Wild Peruvian Chili Pepper in English) is a tropical pepper that originates in the Jungle of Peru, exactly between and along the Ucayali and Amazon rivers, mainly in the regions of Loreto and Ucayali and partly in the regions of Amazon, San Martin and Madre de Dios.

This wild chili pepper species was thought to be extinct for over 50 years until it was rediscovered!

With Scoville Units: 30000 – 50000, equal to a Cayenne pepper, it is a very spicy pepper with a very distinguished delicious fruity flavor which is amazingly fresh and highly aromatic. This pepper, known as one of the best tasting chilis in the world, is highly sought after and highly valued by Gourmet Chefs world wide , and specially in Asia and in Vietnam where it is known as ớt tiêu.

Every step of growing, harvesting and processing Charapitas needs to be done by hand, and it is very delicate, time consuming and very labor intense.
The plants grow best in tropical climate, and need constant tender care for they are often attacked by insects.
These are the main reasons that the Aji Charapita essentially only grows wild and is typically not grown commercially. We are one of only a view farms that grow it. Because of the difficulties growing this pepper, and being highly desired by many chefs and gourmets world wide it is called the most expensive pepper in the world. Chefs will pay up to $ 25.000 for a kilo of dried Charapitas

Aji Charapita Pepper Sauce "Aged" 1.7oz