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What is this Aji Charapita Chili named for, and what is the meaning of Charapita

There are two popular opinions that Aji Charapita, got his name from.

Some say, the name of the #AjiCharapita comes from the northern region of the jungles of Peru. It originates from a city named Iquitos, and the people there are called ‘charapas’, which is a slang term describing the people’s laid back.

Others believe the name goes back to a freshwater turtle the Tortuga Charapa, that lives in rivers, marshes, lakes and shallow lagoons in Amazonia and Orinoquía exactly where our rare and delicious Aji Charapita origins.

It is considered the largest species of river turtle.

The female is larger than the male and can grow up to one meter in length, while the male grows to about 70 centimeters. They have flattened, blackish green shell and, unlike other turtles, protect their head under one side of the shell rather than retracting it, due to their large neck.

It feeds on a wide variety of fruits, seeds, tender stems, freshwater sponges and nettle leaves along the riverbanks. Adult individuals are important distributors of seeds in tropical rainforests.

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